Inglourious Basterds clip

Catch a short glimpse of Tarantino’s upcoming World War II flick here….

American Idol isn’t necessarily the first place we’d think of for Quentin Tarantino to offer up a further showcase of his upcoming World War II movie Inglourious Basterds, but that’s precisely what’s happened. That said, Tarantino has mentioned his love of the show in the past, so perhaps it’s not that big a surprise after all.

Anyway, the point of these ramblings is that Tarantino debuted some new footage from the film’s production on the show, which shows Mike Myers’ character (briefly) for the first time. There’s a bit of Brad Pitt, and a cackling Tarantino at the end, too.

The film is set to make its debut at Cannes in a few weeks’ time, ahead of a roll-out worldwide across the summer. For now though, enjoy this little taster…