How Tomorrowland Affected TRON 3

The commercial disappointment of Tomorrowland had an effect on the plans for TRON 3 plans.

There’s a school of thought that suggests moviegoers shouldn’t be concerned with box office totals, and should instead just enjoy the movies. Let those in Hollywood with jobs and big salaries and stuff worry about the business side, and we can get on with just watching the films.

Only it’s not as straightforward as that. As most movie fans know, a box office hit or failure has ramifications for other projects. And it turns out that was very much the case with Tomorrowland.

Whatever you think of the movie, it was an expensive production that didn’t make the cash Disney was hoping for and expecting. And the result of Tomorrowland‘s underperformance? It ended the hopes of TRON 3 happening, it seemed.

Garrett Hedlund, the star of TRON: Legacy, admitted this to the Happy Sad Confused podcast. “When the next TRON was supposed to start – we were greenlit and ready to go – and then [Disney] had troubles with how Tomorrowland did”, he recalled.

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And it proved a turning point. “I think they asked them to give them like a hundred reasons why they should do [TRON]”, he said, as Disney ultimately put the sequel into turnaround.

As things stands, there’s little sign of TRON 3 coming back to life any time soon, but there’s occasionally talk of the sequel again, or even a reboot of some kind. You might not want to hold your breath, though.