How The Logan Ending Was Teased in The Wolverine

James Mangold confirms that there's a moment in The Wolverine that directly links to the ending of Logan. Spoilers!

Spoilers lie ahead for Logan

Well, here’s thinking ahead for you. Co-writer and director James Mangold has confirmed over his Twitter account a theory put to him by a fan, that links his last two movies, The Wolverine and Logan.

It’s the part in The Wolverine when the character of Yukio – played by Rila Fukushima – has a premonition about Logan’s death. She explains to him that “I saw you die,” adding that “it’s not like I get a complete picture. More like looking through a keyhole. But I’m always right. All I can see is one part of a person’s life: their death. And I saw yours. I see you on your back, there’s blood everywhere. You’re holding your own heart in your hand.”

There’s then a sequence in The Wolverine where Logan does indeed cut into his own chest to save his heart, albeit without the lashings of blood that Rila describes. But most of us, not unreasonably, assumed that the premonition referred to that.

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However, when we get to the end of Logan, there’s a key moment that’s a far tidier fit. Logan is indeed covered in blood this time. The difference though is the ‘holding your own heart in your hand’ is more metaphor: Logan is holding the hand of Laura as he slips away.

That the moment in The Wolverine was talking about the ending of Logan was put to James Mangold over Twitter, and you can see his response…

— Mangold (@mang0ld) March 9, 2017