How Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Like The Empire Strikes Back

Rian Johnson talks about the parallels between Star Wars: The Last Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back.

It’s not surprising that some fans might already be comparing The Last Jedi to another middle Star Wars sequel, The Empire Strikes Back. If the first trailer for the movie is any indication, Rian Johnson’s take on the galaxy far, far away will be decidedly darker than The Force Awakens.

Johnson spoke recently to EW about how The Last Jedi will indeed be like The Empire Strikes Back. It really all comes down to the way the characters are split up in the movie. Rey, Chewie, and Artoo are on Ahch-To with Luke, who will train the young heroine in the ways of the Force during the course of the film. Finn and Rose Tico are on a covert mission in the casino city of Canto Bight on the planet Cantonica. Poe Dameron and General Leia remain with the Resistance, fighting the good fight. 

While The Force Awakens, like A New Hope, brought all of its trilogy’s heroes together, The Last Jedi will scatter them across the galaxy. 

“Rey is off in a remote location with a Jedi master, and the Resistance is in a tough spot, and we’re intercutting those stories,” said Johnson. “By its very nature, there are some structural parallels. But these are new characters, they’re dealing with new things, and that ultimately is what defines the movie. So I think that’s going to be unique.”

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The parallels between both films are pretty obvious. Rey’s training on a remote island resembles Luke’s time with Yoda in the swamplands of Dagobah. Finn and Rose’s adventure in Canto Bight is also reminiscent of the Cloud City scenes in The Empire Strikes Back. It does look like The Last Jedi will take some cues from what’s come before, just like The Force Awakens did. 

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