How Harry Potter delay makes DreamWorks happy

Not everybody is upset about the postponed release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince...

Harry Potter and co

As Warner Bros has found out, the decision to delay the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to next summer has not gone down well with the large, fervent fanbase of the tie-in films. We’ve had online petitions, an official response from Warner Bros and a generally disappointment that one of the most anticipated family films this Christmas is now going to arrive eight months late.

But that doesn’t mean that everybody is unhappy at the news, and specifically, rival distributors have been quick to capitalise on the unexpected removal of the Winter’s biggest blockbuster. Sony, for instance, moved the US release date of Quantum Of Solace back to the 14th of November, edging it closer to the more lucrative end of the season. And now, DreamWorks Animation head honcho has now given an interview where he calls the moving of the Potter film “the single greatest Christmas gift in my 35 years in the movie business”.

The reason for his glee? Well, DreamWorks has the other big family film of the season up its sleeve, namely Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. Now we weren’t overly fond of the first Madagascar movie, and we’re not keen either on the way they’ve shoehorned that ‘2’ into the title like that. Yet Katzenberg expects the film’s box office return to improve as a result of Harry Potter’s absence, with both a bigger opening weekend and a better run after that, too.

Meanwhile, if you want to get your Harry Potter fix, then you need to wait until July next year. We suspect that Katzenberg won’t get lucky twice, and that DreamWorks’ 2009 summer release – Monsters vs Aliens – will have to stand on its own two point a little easier. That said, it is scheduled for late March, rather than the midst of summer… 

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