Has Logan Lerman been cast as Spiderman?

Could the new Spider-Man have been found, and is Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman the brand new webslinger?

Spider-Man has a new team...

Rumours are flying around the Internet that the successor to Tobey Maguire in the Spider-Man movies has been found.

The new Peter Parker/Spider-Man? The current runes are pointing in the direction of Logan Lerman, the star of Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief. Given that Percy Jackson hasn’t set the box office alight in the manner that Fox presumably hoped, Lerman’s commitment to that franchise may have been relaxed, and opened the door to the Spider-Man reboot.

He was first linked with the role last month, although naturally enough when we sat next to him at the Percy Jackson round-table just before that, he was keeping mum, save for saying lots of nice things about Percy Jackson director Chris Columbus.

Most of the reports at the moment are suggesting the story has emanated from sources close to Lerman himself, and we’ve seen that one or two sites have since ripped the story down. This leads us to think that either a) it’s bullshit, or b) it’s the real deal, and some PR strong-arm tactics are at work. Which doesn’t actually help in the context of things a great deal.

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Lerman would certainly fit Sony’s bill for the new Spider-Man, though. The film is going to have a focus on Peter Parker’s school days, and thus a young actor – ideally under 20 – was always on the wishlist. Lerman firmly fits that criteria, and he’s also cheap for Sony to hire. It’ll presumably look to sign him for three pictures, and given that the budget for the Spider-Man reboot is set to be in the $80m range, it’s fair to say that large actor salaries aren’t prevalent on the production accounts.

As we said, there’s no confirmation of this yet, and it may all turn out to be baloney. We suspect that the casting of Lerman may be close to the mark, however, and that he’ll be joining director Marc Webb in returning Spider-Man to the big screen in 2012.Spider-Man: The Reboot is due out in the summer of 2012. We’ll keep you posted how this story develops.

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