Harrison Ford Replaces Bruce Willis for Expendables 3

Harrison Ford will be replacing Bruce Willis for Expendables 3...

According to Sylvester Stallone, fellow movie-star Harrison Ford will be replacing Bruce Willis for The Expendables 3 flick.

Stallone took to the Twitterverse and had an interesting development and commentary on said development to share in The Expendables 3 casting.

— Sylvester Stallone (@TheSlyStallone) August 6, 2013— Sylvester Stallone (@TheSlyStallone) August 6, 2013

Last week, we at Den of Geek brought you the exclusive news that Nicolas Cage confirmed he would NOT be involved in The Expendables 3.  Today, we’ve learned 71 year-old Harrison Ford is in, and Bruce Willis is out.

What are your thoughts on the casting development? Is Harrison Ford a good choice?

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