Green Lantern Jokes Embraced by WB After Deadpool 2

WB embraces Green Lantern's role (as a punchline) in Deadpool 2 star Ryan Reynolds' career with a new tweet.

It is fair to say that 2011’s Green Lantern didn’t turn out the way anyone hoped. Like at all. Released while still in the afterglow of Marvel Studios launching their own shared universe with a smug, flippant hero in the center, courtesy of Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, Warner Bros. quickly tried to capitalize on that success with Ryan Reynolds as another smug, flippant hero at the center of a movie about magic rings.

Yet the once and future Deadpool actor would come to regret that film (and find much amusement mocking it) in the years that followed. A ghastly CG-mess, Green Lantern was such a disappointment that it neither launched what became the DC Extended Universe, nor allowed for more Green Lantern movies. Hell, Warner Bros. cut Hal Jordan, a founding member of Justice League, out of the Justice League movie.

But hey it isn’t all bad news: Green Lantern is such an infamous misfire that Reynolds’s snarky Wade Wilson still uses it as the butt of a number of hilarious jokes. In the first Deadpool movie, he begged that whatever his superpowers became, they wouldn’t put him in a green “or animated” suit. Deadpool 2 keeps that ribbing going with an audience-breaking laugh in the post-credits scene that we won’t describe in this article, but suffice to say that it is a wonder if the Green Lantern brand can survive such derision.

Especially as now Warner Bros. is getting in on the tongue-in-cheek action. In the below tweet, WB’s social media handlers released a comical tweet with an image of Ryan Reynolds in the 2011 movie holding the magic ring from which Green Lantern’s powers are derived. The tweet then reads, “We tried to put a ring on it.”

It’s a lighthearted jab at their own movie, and shows a sense of good humor on the part of WB. However, one still wonders again how the Green Lantern brand is going to recover being the constant, and endless, butt of the joke, even by its own studio at this point.

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In any case, Deadpool 2 is in theaters now, and if you’ve already seen it, you might want to check out this reference guide to see what you actually missed.