Geostorm Trailer: Gerard Butler Fights an Apocalyptic Weather Disaster

The latest trailer for weather disaster film Geostorm is an ambitious exhibition of onscreen apocalyptic enormity.

There is certainly no shortage of big-budgeted films depicting the woeful travails of survivors immersed in digitally-concocted grandiose end-of-the-world devastation. Indeed, the upcoming apocalypse epic Geostorm will come to the table as yet another offering in an extremely familiar genre. However, it does distinguish itself in the depicted cause of said disaster, avoiding conventional seismic or anthropogenic-environmental distress and placing the blame on future tech.

Geostorm Trailer

The Geostorm trailer, like its teaser predecessor released back in March, is an impressive montage of global devastation arguably on a level not yet seen in cinema. However, this time around, we get to see more of the levity-infused interpersonal character dynamic around which the film’s billed global devastation is based.

Gerard Butler stars as Jake Lawson, a scientist who commutes back and forth from space to fix a malfunctioning futuristic weather-control satellite, one that happens to be ripping the entire world apart (no pressure, right?). Thankfully, Jake will have help from an occupationally-diverse lineup with his brother and fellow scientist Max (Jim Sturgess), Secret Service agent Sarah (Abbie Cornish), astronaut and International Space Station overseer Ute (Alexandra Maria Lara) and U.S. President Palma (Andy Garcia).

Based on what we’ve been seeing, the “geo” in Geostorm refers to the nightmarish geopolitical ramifications of developing weather control technology, especially since such an idea has become more attractive in the face of climate change.

And here is the original Geostorm teaser trailer, which hit back in March.

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Geostorm Cast

For action actor Gerard Butler, who became a household name by sporting swords, sandals and shiny abs in 2006’s 300, later saving the contemporary world in 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen, 2016 sequel London Has Fallen and next year’s third entry Angel Has Fallen, this time he forgoes alpha swagger, playing a scientist, rather than a warrior.

Besides a solid slate of supporting players in Abbie Cornish, Jim Sturgess, Andy Garcia, Alexandra Maria Lara and company, the colossal cast also consists of names like Ed Harris, Mare Winningham, Robert Sheehan, Eugenio Derbez, Amr Waked, Gregory Alan Williams, Zazie Beetz and, intriguingly, Into the Badlands star Daniel Wu in glasses, decked out in geeky sartorial form.

Geostorm Crew

Taking the big seat as director for Geostorm is Dean Devlin, a sci-fi-minded visionary who has executive-produced on television shows, notably for TNT, such as The Librarians (and its predecessor TV movies) and Leverage. However, it wouldn’t be a coincidence if the devastation seen in Geostorm reminds you of Independence Day and its 2016 sequel, since he was a producer on those (Roland Emmerich-directed) films, the rain-drenched 1998 Godzilla reboot film and 1994’s show-franchise-spawning Stargate. Devlin co-wrote this script with Paul Guyot, one of his producer colleagues from the aforementioned TNT shows.

Geostorm Release Date

Geostorm gets ready to showcase an insanely ostentatious helping of global devastation when it touches down at theaters on October 20, 2017.