Genuinely impressive fan trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

It sometimes gets quite tricky to distinguish a fan-made trailer from a real one. This impressive promo for The Dark Knight Rises provides evidence as to why…

Dark Knight

In the dim and distant past of Den Of Geek, we’ve been known to confuse a fan trailer with a real one. But in our defence, the quality of what some people are doing is genuinely staggering.

Take this latest example, which isn’t genuine, but we thought it was worth bringing to your attention. It’s a trailer for The Dark Knight Rises which, at the very least, had us asking questions of its legitimacy (we should note it’s not been confirmed that it’s a fake, by the way). It’s the inclusion of footage of Bane that makes this interesting, and credit should go to the person who put this together, and has got it up to 400,000 views and growing on YouTube.

Of course, knowing our luck, Warner Bros will now come out and tell us this one is the real deal (it isn’t, though. There are too many bits of other movies in there). But we very much doubt it. At most, we’d look for a brief teaser trailer in the months ahead, but nothing more than that.

Take a look anyway, and The Dark Knight Rises is just over one year away from release…

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