Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week

Chuck finally returns to the UK, Sarah Connor starts from scratch, and there's a whole host of movies ahead, too...

True Detective Colin Farrell

The 8th season of the comedy quiz show, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, hosted by Jimmy Carr, starts up on Channel 4 at 10:00pm tonight (Friday 5 June). See what’s topical in the nation this week and how nearly any topic can be made absurdly funny.

We’ve grieved and groaned about the loss of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles recently, with its second season, sadly, its last. But we almost universally agree that if you’ve got to go, well, that was the the way to do it, with a great final ep leaving fans both satisfied and craving more. There are some sci-fi-ers out there, however, who didn’t catch the show from the start and regret not carving out some space for Cameron and the Connors in their busy schedules. Happily, for those who missed curtains up, or were leery of the series first time round, the show will restart from the pilot episode on Tuesday, the 9th of June at 8:00pm on Bravo.

And finally, we’re thrilled to remind forgetful geeks that the next series of our much loved Chuck is finally airing in the UK. Virgin1 will show the second season opener, Chuck Versus The First Date, at 9:00pm on Tuesday 9 June. If you’re paying close attention, you could bounce from Bravo to Virgin in one sitting. That’d create a rather substantial and special chunk of time for a standing date with your couch on Tuesday evenings in.

Now, on to the week’s pick of movies broadcast in the next 7 days and nights. As always, we advise you to check your local listings for any last minute changes to the following information. Oh, and we’re confident that a Rambo, a Rocky or a Die Hard is showing on some channel at all times. We’ll leave those muscle men to fight their own way onto your screens and give the other guys a chance at being noticed. Enjoy.

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A History Of ViolenceOn: Film4Date: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 10:35pm (and 11:35pm Film4+1)

Ace VenturaOn: G.O.L.D.Date: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 10:10pm (and 11:10pm Gold+1, 9:00/10:00pm 7 June Gold/+1)

An American Werewolf In LondonOn: Sky2Date: Wednesday 10th JuneTime: 11:00pm

Bad BoysOn: Sky Movies Modern GreatsDate: Monday 8th JuneTime: 1:50pm (and 8:00pm)

BatmanOn: E4Date: Wednesday 10th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm E4+1)

BeetlejuiceOn: LIVINGDate: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00&11:00pm Living+1 & +2, 4:00/5:00/6:00pm 7 June Living/+1/+2)

Bill And Ted’s Excellent AdventureOn: ITV2  Date: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 12:35pm

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Blade RunnerOn: Sky Screen 2 Date: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 1:05pm (and 4:30pm 9 June Sky Modern Greats)

Blue VelvetOn: ITV1Date: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 11:15pm

CaddyshackOn: Comedy Central Date: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm CC+1)

Cape Fear (1991)On: SCI FIDate: Friday 5th JuneTime: 11:40pm

Clear And Present DangerOn: Watch    Date: Thursday 11th JuneTime:  9:00pm (and 10:00pm Watch+1)

Close Encounters Of The Third KindOn: Sky Movies Sci-Fi/HorrorDate: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 11:20pm (and 00:25am 7 June)

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CloverfieldOn: Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror   Date: Tuesday 9th JuneTime: 1:30pm (and 10:55pm)DarkmanOn: Sky Movies Modern Greats  Date: Monday 8th JuneTime: 11:55pm

Deep Blue SeaOn: Sky Movies Sci-Fi/HorrorDate: Thursday 11th JuneTime: 9:00pm

DesperadoOn: Sky Movies Modern GreatsDate: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 11:50pm

Detroit Rock CityOn: Sky Movies IndieDate: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 6:30pm (and 1:35am 7 June, 2:55pm & 10:00pm 11 June)

D.O.A. (1988)On: WatchDate: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 00:25am (and 1:25am Watch+1, 00:05am/1:05am 7 June Watch/+1)Dolores ClaiborneOn: TCMDate: Tuesday 9th JuneTime: 10:40pm

Dr. Terror’s House Of HorrorsOn: BBC 2Date: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 01:35amEdward ScissorhandsOn: Sky Movies Modern GreatsDate: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 1:45pm (and 9:40pm)

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Escape From L.A.On: ITV4Date: Friday 12th JuneTime: 00:15am

FallenOn: five USADate: Tuesday 9th JuneTime: 9:00pm

FargoOn: Sky Movies IndieDate: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 10:00pm (and 3:35am 8 June)

Fear And Loathing In Las VegasOn: Sky Movies ComedyDate: Wednesday 10th JuneTime: 01:15am

FootlooseOn: Sky Movies Drama Date: Tuesday 9th JuneTime: 4:00pm

Fright NightOn: Sky Movies Sci-Fi/HorrorDate: Tuesday 9th JuneTime: 01:00am

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Galaxy QuestOn: Sky Screen 1  Date: Monday 8th JuneTime: 6:15pm

Grave Of The FirefliesOn: Film4  Date: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 02:10am (and 3:10am Film4+1)

Hard CandyOn: Sky Movies IndieDate: Monday 8th JuneTime: 11:35pm

Harry Potter And The Order Of The PhoenixOn: Sky Movies FamilyDate: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 8:00pm (and 8:00pm 10 June Sky Screen 1)

In BrugesOn: Sky Movies Indie Date: Wednesday 10th JuneTime: 10:00pm (and 3:40am 1 June)

Jurassic ParkOn: ITV2Date: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 8:30pm (and 9:00pm 9 June)

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Kill Bill: Vol. 1On: WatchDate: Friday 5th JuneTime: 10:20pm (and 11:20pm Watch+1, 10:00/11:00pm 6 June Watch/+1)Lady In The WaterOn: BBC 1Date: Tuesday 9th JuneTime: 10:35pm

Mad MaxOn: five Date: Wednesday 10th JuneTime: 10:00pm

Manhattan Murder MysteryOn: Sky Movies IndieDate: Friday 5th JuneTime: 5:15pm (and 1:45pm 10 June, 1:50am 11 June)

Mark Of The VampireOn: TCM  Date: Friday 5th JuneTime: 5:50pmMasters Of The UniverseOn: Sky Screen 2  Date: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 5:00pm

Minority ReportOn: SCI FI   Date: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 8:00pm 10 June)

Mortal ThoughtsOn: Sky Screen 2 Date: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 02:25am (and midnight 11 June Sky Drama)

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No Country For Old MenOn: Sky Screen 2   Date: Thursday 11th JuneTime: 2:35pm (and 11:15pm)

No Way OutOn: Sky Movies Modern GreatsDate: Thursday 11th JuneTime: 07:25am (and 8:00pm)

Office SpaceOn: Film4Date: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 00:25am (and 1:25am Film4+1)

Phone BoothOn: Film4Date: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm Film4+1)

PredatorOn: Sky Movies Action/ThrillerDate: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 00:30am 12 June)

Pretty In PinkOn: TCMDate: Thursday 11th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 1:25am 12 June)

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RecOn: Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror Date: Monday 8th JuneTime: 00:45am (and 4:05am, 1:20am 12 June)

Repo ManOn: Sky Movies Modern GreatsDate: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 02:10am

Romancing The StoneOn: Sky Movies ComedyDate: Tuesday 9th JuneTime: 08:20am (and 2:30pm)Saving Private RyanOn: Sky2Date: Friday 5th June 2009Time: 9:00pm

SecondsOn: Sky Movies Sci-Fi/HorrorDate: Monday 8th JuneTime: 09:30am (and 3:00am 9 June)

Schindler’s ListOn: Sky Movies Modern GreatsDate: Friday 5th JuneTime: 10:00pm

ScreamersOn: ITV4 Date: Thursday 11th JuneTime: 00:15am (and 10:00pm)

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SignsOn: BBC 1 Date: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 10:35pm

Sixteen CandlesOn: Sky Movies Modern GreatsDate: Thursday 11th JuneTime: 4:20pm

Son Of RambowOn: Sky Movies Premiere  Date: Friday 5th JuneTime: 12:30pm (and 1:30pm Premiere+1)

Strange DaysOn: Sky Movies Sci-Fi/HorrorDate: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 01:10am (and 2:30am 11 June)

Taxi DriverOn: Sky Movies DramaDate: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 00:10am

Terminator 3: Rise Of The MachinesOn: five USA Date: Wednesday 10th JuneTime: 10:00pm (and 9:00pm 11 June)

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The Bank JobOn: Sky Movies Action/ThrillerDate: Thursday 11th JuneTime: 7:00pm

The Black HoleOn: fiveDate: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 2:50pm

The Blues BrothersOn: ITV4  Date: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 10:00pm

The ExorcistOn: Bravo  Date: Monday 8th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm Bravo+1)

The GriftersOn: Sky Movies DramaDate: Thursday 11th JuneTime: 11:50pm

The HoleOn: Film4 Date: Friday 5th JuneTime: 11:00pm (and midnight Film4+1)

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The HungerOn: TCMDate: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 11:05pm

The InvasionOn: Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror Date: Friday 5th JuneTime: 7:10pm

The KraysOn: Sky Movies Action/ThrillerDate: Tuesday 9th JuneTime: 11:10pm

The Last Of The MohicansOn: Sky Movies DramaDate: Friday 5th JuneTime: 3:45pm

The MachinistOn: Film4  Date: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 11:25pm (and 00:25am Film4+1, 11:25pm/00:25am 7/8 June Film4+1)

The Muppets Take ManhattanOn: Film4 Date: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 2:45pm (and 3:45pm Film4+1, 11:00am/noon 7 June Film4/+1)

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The River WildOn: Sky Movies Action/ThrillerDate: Thursday 11th JuneTime: 08:40am

The SenderOn: Sky Movies Sci-Fi/HorrorDate: Tuesday 9th JuneTime: 3:10pm

The ShiningOn: Sky Movies Modern GreatsDate: Tuesday 9th JuneTime: 11:40am (and 10:30pm)The Sum Of All FearsOn: more4 Date: Friday 5th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 00:25am 6 June)

The TerminatorOn: Sky Movies Modern GreatsDate: Friday 5th JuneTime: 2:10pm (and 8:00pm & 11:40pm BBC 1)The Treasure Of The Sierra MadreOn: TCMDate: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 05:00am (and 10:25am)

The Truman ShowOn: Sky Movies DramaDate: Monday 8th JuneTime: 8:00pm

The Usual SuspectsOn: Sky Movies Action/ThrillerDate: Saturday 6th JuneTime: 03:20am

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The Wizard Of OzOn: TCM Date: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 5:10pm

There Will Be BloodOn: Sky Screen 2   Date: Monday 8th JuneTime: 12:25pm (and 11:00pm)There’s Something About MaryOn: Film4Date: Tuesday 9th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm Film4+1)

Three KingsOn: Sky Movies Action/ThrillerDate: Wednesday 10th JuneTime: 11:40pm

Titan A.E.On: Sky Movies Sci-Fi/HorrorDate: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 10:00am (and 5:30pm, noon & 5:20pm 10 June)

Total RecallOn: ITV1Date: Thursday 11th JuneTime: 10:35pm

Tremors 2: AftershocksOn: Sky Screen 2Date: Monday 8th JuneTime: 10:35am

Young FrankensteinOn: Sky Movies Modern GreatsDate: Sunday 7th JuneTime: 11:00am (and 8:00pm)