Gears of War: Dave Bautista Dreams of Playing Marcus Fenix

The Infinity War star says the Gears of War adaptation is his dream project.

It turns out that Dave Bautista really wants to star in the Gears of War movie. 

In an interview with GameSpot, Bautista fielded a fan question regarding what the actor’s dream role is and whether he would ever have any interest in playing Marcus Fenix in a Gears of War movie. Bautista noted that it was funny the fan should ask that question because Bautista has been actively chasing the opportunity to star in a Gears of War movie for quite some time now. He mentions that he believes the adaptation is in the hands of Universal Studios and goes so far to say that he has been pursuing the project for “years.”

Bautista half-jokingly suggests that fans should start a petition for him to star in such a project, which we fully expect will happen at any moment.

It’s certainly easy to picture Bautista in the role of Marcus Fenix. Both are intimidating dudes who tend to let their actions do a lot of the talking, and there are few actors out there who could possibly come close to matching the ludicrous in-game physique of Fenix. Given that Bautista’s roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Infinity War have only increased his name value, we really can’t think of a better actor to take on the role. 

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The question now is whether or not there will ever actually be a Gears of War movie for Bautista – or anyone else – to star in. Gears of War developer Coalition announced in 2016 that they had struck a deal with Universal that seemingly included the production of a Gears of War feature film. Additional reports indicated that Armageddon and Avatar 2 screenwriter Shane Salerno had been approached to draft a script for the adaptation, but there really haven’t been many updates on the status of the project since then. 

Given that Bautista mentions that he’s been pursuing a role in the Gears of War film for years, it would seem that nobody is in a hurry to bring Gears of War to the big screen. However, there has been no indication that Universal doesn’t intend to still produce the project at some point.