Gambit Loses Director, Gets Release Date

The Gambit movie has lost yet another director. Will it ever get made?

Gambit, the member of the X-Men whose very name implies a certain amount of luck (even though his actual powers have nothing whatsoever to do with that) simply can’t catch a break when it comes to directors. Let’s just run down this list for a quick recap…

Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt was the man in the directors’ chair for awhile, before giving way to Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman. Liman eventually bowed out as well, in all likelihood because he wasn’t satisfied with whatever form the script was taking. Gore Verbinski has been attached for a few months now after the project seemed adrift, and things seemed to be going so well that there have been reports that Gambit was set to begin filming in March of this year in New Orleans.

You know where this is going, right?

Gore Verbinski is no longer directing Gambit according to reports from multiple outlets. It’s not clear what the reasoning is at the time of this writing.

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With a cast in place, and things apparently far enough along where the studio was getting ready to go before cameras, one has to wonder if the Gambit movie is actually going to get made. It has a script (by Josh Zetumer) and stars in Channing Tatum and Lizzy Caplan. It even has a newly announced release date of June 7, 2019. But the longer this drags on, the more the spectre of Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox rears its head. But Fox appears to be operating as if things are business as usual with their Marvel properties, with news breaking just the other day that they’re working on yet another X-Men spinoff in the form of a Kitty Pryde movie.

If (ahem), I mean WHEN a new Gambit director is named, we’ll let you know. We have all the other info available on the movie right here.