Full trailer for Cars 2

Pixar readies the return of Lightning McQueen, as it releases the full trailer for its upcoming Cars 2…

Cars 2 has a bit of a job on its hands. The last Pixar sequel, Toy Story 3, brought in a worldwide gross of $1bn, picked up an Oscar, and gave the firm its biggest hit of all time. The original Cars, meanwhile, while no bad film, is arguably Pixar’s least popular.

However, it’s also one of Pixar’s most lucrative. The film did good box office business when it was released in 2006, snaring a far from shabby worldwide gross of $461m. But where the real money was made was in the merchandising. Cars is believed to be the most lucrative film of recent times in this area (or, at the very least, one of the most lucrative), with reports suggesting that it’s brought in $7-8bn in merchandising numbers.

Read that back again. That’s seven or eight times the box office gross of Pixar’s biggest cinematic hit. No wonder a sequel is coming.

What’s good, though, is that Cars 2 is looking much better than the first movie. John Lasseter has stepped on board to co-direct the movie. (When was the last time you can remember a studio head directing a film? Even Joe Roth, an established director, stayed away from the camera until his tenure at the head of Disney’s film division was over.) He’s sharing duties with Brad Lewis on the movie, which takes the cars all over the world.

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And there’s a fresh trailer so we can get a look at what they’ve all been up to, as well. We’ve still got until the summer to wait for the movie, but thus far, you can’t help but conclude so far, so good…

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