Fox Shuts Down Alien Tribute Film, Was to Star Carrie Henn

The Alien Identity unofficial sequel has been hit by a cease and desist letter - although a petition has sprung up in response...


Ah, this is a shame. It seems that the Alien Identity project was just getting a little too big, and as such, 20th Century Fox has now sent a cease and desist letter to the fans behind it. Adam Sonnet, who was to write and direct Alien Identity, has posted the following on his website:

When we decided to make this Alien tribute film we anticipated from the beginning that this could happen. We were hoping that since Fox allowed other fan films in the Alien/Predator universes to be made that they would allow us to do so likewise.

Although we wanted to make a tribute film spin off in the Alien universe reuniting original cast members to play new roles, we understand that this is Fox’s intellectual property and we want to respect their wishes. Therefore, we peacefully withdraw from any further production of Alien Identity, and will pursue our own original content, which I think is best anyway.

We realize some of the fans will be disappointed by this, but we are happy that our talent from the tribute film will be coming on board taking the roles of original characters in our other Sci-Fi adventure Triborn, that we’ve been developing. We thank all the fans for their support and invite them to join us on another adventure.

A fan petition has sprung up in response to that, to try and persuade Fox to allow the fan film to be made. You can find that here. It’s a long shot of course, given that Fox is pursuing Prometheus 2 and Alien 5 right now. But you never know…

Original Story: 7/2/15

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James Cameron, like many Alien fans, was incensed by Alien 3′s decision to kill off Newt and Hicks, two supporting characters that made Aliens such a perfect sequel. But a new, unofficial tribute film called Alien Identity will attempt to rewrite history, saving Newt from her grisly fate at the start of Alien 3 and sending her off on a new sci-fi adventure.

The story will pretend that the events of Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection were mere “cryo-sleep nightmares” and will catch up with Newt 14 years after the events of Aliens. This time, Elle Viane Sonnet will play the now 20-something Newt; Carrie Henn, who played Newt in Aliens, will return as her mother Anne in a flashback sequence.

Henn is joined by another returning Aliens cast member, Ricco Ross, who played Pvt Robert Frost – the ill-fated Colonial Marine who got the great line, “What do you expect us to use, man, harsh language?”

Ross will play that character’s brother, Richard Frost.

Exactly what Newt will face in Alien Identity hasn’t been revealed, but the film’s site says it “plays heavily on the aesthetics of HR Giger,” so we can probably expect something bio-mechanical and acid-drooling to turn up at some point. 

Written and directed by Adam Sonnet, Alien Identity will be funded through Kickstarter, with a campaign scheduled for launch in the coming months.

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Like several other recent tribute films, Alien Identity has been given the go-ahead by 20th Century Fox, a studio seemingly relaxed about unofficial, fan-made spin-off films. If you haven’t seen it yet, Predator Dark Ages is one such recent example, and well worth a watch.

Director Neill Blomkamp is set to tinker with the Alien chronology himself in the forthcoming Alien 5, which will bring back Michael Biehn’s Hicks. Will it also revive Newt? We’ll have to wait and see. Until then, Alien Identity promises to give the character a new lease on life.

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