Fox Movie Boss Warns Against Too Many Superhero Films

Fox wants to keep making superhero films, but its movie boss warns against just giving fans the same kind of films over and over...

With Deadpool 2 riding high in the global box office charts, and two more X-Men movies in post-production, 20th Century Fox has gambled hard on comic book films, and won more than list. Just recently, there was more news on a Doctor Doom Fantastic Four spin-off film, too.

But the CEO of the company, Stacey Snider, had expressed a little caution over the seeming non-stop barrage of superhero and comic book movies that fill multiplexes.

Chatting at the CineEurope trade event that’s currently taking place in Barcelona (via Variety), Snider said that “if we don’t continue to reach out to the folks that come more than just to see The Avengers, we are going to have just the weekend business.”

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Fox, of course, is in the throes of a takeover bid that’s likely to see it become part of the Disney empire. The same studio, ultimately, that backs The Avengers.

“For the studios that expect that more of the same will always bring a result, there is folly in that. We want to continue, for example, with our X-Men movies and our Deadpool movies, but at the same time we have great success with a movie like Murder On The Orient Express or The Greatest Showman, where we are very mindful of speaking to this global audience, but not doing it in a way that in the past has homogenised all of the product. Where things fall off the cliff is when that bright consumer says, ‘I have seen this movie’.”

Fox, to its credit, has kept its slate quite broad. Whether that continues under new ownership, once all that is settled, remains to be seen.