First trailer for Joaquin Phoenix documentary I’m Still Here

Remember when Joaquin Phoenix quit movies, started a music career, and it was revealed that Casey Affleck was filming it all for a documentary? Here’s a trailer for that very film…

You can add our name to the list of those fascinated to see just what this one’s all about. I’m Still Here is the movie that marks Casey Affleck’s directorial debut, and it’s also the film where he’s followed Joaquin Phoenix around for the last year or so.

This is the very same Joaquin Phoenix who announced he was quitting acting, and subsequently that he was embarking on a music career. Specifically, as a hip hop artist. The footage of him doing so that’s appeared on YouTube hasn’t done his ambitions the best of good, it’s probably fair to say, and many speculated that the whole thing was a hoax, and that the point was it was all about making I’m Still Here.

And if you watch closely, at the end of this trailer when the credits page comes up, it does distinctly say that the film has been “Written & produced by Casey Affleck & Joaquin Phoenix”. Now, appreciating that documentary movies have had and will have credited writers before, it nonetheless does add a little to the mystery.

Anyroad, this first trailer for I’m Still Here has appeared at Yahoo! And we’ve got it for you below these very words. See what you make of it. The film itself, incidentally, is released in the US on 10th September, and it’ll be hitting video on demand services two weeks later.

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