First poster for Riddick

Vin Diesel returns to the big screen as Riddick next year. Here's the first poster for the film...

We’ve perhaps not given the upcoming big screen return for Riddick as much attention as we should have done these past few months. The new movie sees Vin Diesel reprising arguably his best big screen live action role, and it’s been a tough job by the sounds of it to get the film made. Certainly there were budget issues and talks of shutdown at one stage, but all concerned finally managed to make their movie.

David Twohy is directing Riddick, and joining Diesel in the cast are Katee Sackhoff and Karl Urban, amongst others. A first poster for Riddick has popped up, too, and that increasingly tends to hint that a trailer isn’t too far away. When one appears, we’ll bring it your way.

For now, though, here’s that poster…

Cine Heroes.

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