Firebase: Watch Neill Blomkamp’s Gory New Sci-Fi Short

Starring Sigourney Weaver, Rakka is a dark and gory glimpse of an alien-occupied Earth. Take a look at Neill Blomkamp's brand new short...

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard quite a bit about Oats Studios – director Neill Blomkamp’s independent studio dedicated to making experimental short films. We’ve already seen Rakka, a 20-minute invasion story starring Sigourney Weaver and a horde of lizard-like, telekinetic alien monsters.

Next comes Firebase – a piece even gorier and more grotesque than the last. It’s set in the Vietnam War, and introduces a terrifying being dubbed the River God, which is capable of inflicting all kinds of horrors on feeble human bodies. Like Rakka, Firebase could form the basis of a feature film further down the line – though as Blomkamp says, he’ll be partly basing what happens to these pieces on the reactions of his online audience.

So with a warning for imagery that is very Not Safe For Work, here’s the dark, disturbing Firebase. You can find Rakka further below.

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Rakka: Watch Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Invasion Short

If you thought District 9, Neill Blomkamp’s feature debut, was dark and bloody, wait until you check out Rakka. Set after an invading alien force has devastated Earth and enslaved humanity, it’s the first of a series of shorts from Oats Studios – Blomkamp’s brand new independent filmmaking company. 

Sigourney Weaver stars as a battle-hardened freedom fighter, who wages a guerrilla war against a race of lizard-like aliens. From the off, the odds are clearly stacked against us; the invaders have superior technology and powers of telekinesis and mind control, which means they can control feeble humans with a single glance.

Then there are the aliens’ strange experiments, which involve taking humans to bits and tinkering with their brains… 

Lasting 20 minutes, Rakka provides a peek into a dark and grim world – and it’s but one in a series of shorts that Oats Studios is releasing on the web over the next few weeks. All being well, these shorts will be Volume One in a series of sci-fi, horror and fantasy pieces, which could all be potential jumping-off points for feature films in the future. 

And if Rakka has left you wondering what the aliens’ motivations are or where the story might go next, you can check out our guided tour of the film and its making in our in-depth feature.

We’ll bring you more from Oats Studios as we get it.