Fantastic Four to be rebooted

That didn’t take long: Fox and Marvel are looking to reboot the Fantastic Four franchise….

The Silver Surfer on the big screen

The two Fantastic Four movies are hardly, it’s probably fair to say, cinematic creations with a line of people behind them willing to fight their corner. If you were in the right frame of mind, they were okay, and as an attempt to bring Marvel’s first family to a broad audience, they did the job. Personally, I find them the High School Musical of comic book movies, just a lot less popular (and with a lower potential for setting young girls off into song). They’re bright, they’re fast and they’re, er, not great.

What was perhaps most frustrating about director Tim Story’s films was there was a whiff of missed opportunity about them both, even with the appearance of the Silver Surfer in the second one. But both made solid money, even if it didn’t seem to be enough to encourage Fox to back a third movie.

Or was it? Because – get this – the rumour being reported by IESB this morning is that a potential reboot is being planned. A reboot! The last bloody film is only a few years’ old!

Anyway, what this seems to be modern day code for, at least in this instance, is a clearing out of the old cast and crew, and the bringing in of a whole new lot of people to do invisibility gags and stuff. We’ll give them one piece of help, though: we like Julian McMahon in Nip/Tuck, but a comic book movie villain he absolutely isn’t…

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Here’s the link to the report.