Fantastic Four 2 Could Happen With Same Cast

Producer Simon Kinberg says another Fantastic Four movie is still alive at Fox, with the same cast and a “brighter” tone.

This article first appeared on Den of Geek UK.

Mired by rumors of behind-the-scenes problems and released to a hostile response, 2015’s Fantastic Four was far from the franchise reboot Fox wanted. Indeed, the removal of Fantastic Four 2 from the studio’s schedule (it was once slated for the summer of 2017) might suggest that a sequel’s out of a question.

According to producer and co-writer Simon Kinberg, however, there’s still appetite for a sequel at Fox – even if they have gone back to the drawing board for now. When we brought the subject of Fantastic Four 2 up at the junket for X-Men: Apocalypse, Kinberg made no secret of his feelings about the 2015 film and its dramatic departure from the comics.

“We didn’t make a good movie,” Kinberg said, “and the world voted, and I think they probably voted correctly. And you can’t make a good movie every time out – not everybody does. We actually have a pretty good batting average, all things considered. But I think we made many mistakes when we made that movie – mistakes that we learned from and we wouldn’t repeat.”

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At the same time, Kinberg said that the desire to make another Fantastic Four at Fox still remains – and with the same core cast of the last film:

“We want to make another Fantastic Four movie. We love that cast – I mean if I were to say to you now Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, and Kate [Mara] and Jamie [Bell] are great actors – we love that cast. I love the comic, I mean I love it almost as much as X-Men.

If it happens, Kinberg adds the next Fantastic Four movie would be closer in tone to the comics – so far less of the Cronenbergian body horror than we got in Josh Trank’s reboot.

“We’ll try to be truer to the essence of the tone of Fantastic Four, which is completely – well, not completely, but largely – distinct from the X-Men, which is brighter, funner, more optimistic tone. I think we tried to make a darker Fantastic Four movie, which seemed like a radical idea but we were kind of messing with the DNA of the actual comic instead of trusting the DNA of the comic.”

At this stage, it’s far from clear whether another Fantastic Four film will happen, though Kinberg seems upbeat about its chances.

“We’re working really hard on figuring that out,” he said. “Nothing would make me happier than the world embracing a Fantastic Four movie.”

More on this as we get it.