Exclusive: Zack Ward on Transformers (part 2)

As promised, the second part of our interview with a Transformers insider. And we're tackling the big questions here - like what happens if you fart inside a Transformer?


When I cut this interview short yesterday, I left it with Zack discussing the various uses of real giant robots in the new Transformers movie (and on the revelation that he never really liked the cartoon as a kid). So what else can he tell us about the film?So what other bits of technical wizardry can we expect?

Well, they actually built a 3700mm lens which the world has never had before, to make the POV of one of the Decepticons. It has a massive compression ratio, so that means that from two miles away you can actually have focus between your nose and your ear, and everything else will blur out and be compressed. It’s really cool. It’s one of the things that I really respect Bay for doing.

You know, he thinks – I hate to use this term because I think it’s kinda stupid, but – he thinks outside the box. Thinking outside of the normal world that you work in. I guess when you have $200 million, you get to think outside the box. For two hundred million bucks, I’d have a damned big box!

So, it’s a $200mil movie, it’s gonna be fantastic, it’s gonna blow your fucking mind. I swear to God, it will blow your fucking mind.

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Wasn’t there some controversy over the Earth-forms of the Transformers, where Megatron used to be a gun, but now he’s going to be a stealth jet or something?

I’m confused about that, because I remember looking at Megatron toys with my little brother when I took him to this great toy store in Toronto. I told him “Okay, everything’s super expensive in here, I’m not buying you anything, but it’s cool to look at.” And he’s like four, and he completely does not understand the concept of me not buying him anything, and he’s like “okay, okay, that’s cool, you don’t have to buy me anything, I’ll just have this.” And I’m like, “no, you don’t understand, I’m not buying you anything.”

That’s just mean.

The Megatron gun was made out of metal, and it was like a hundred and twenty bucks, I’m not buying that for a little kid. I wouldn’t buy that for me, let alone a four year old! So, hell no. But, yeah, I thought Starscream was the jet, and Megatron was a big gun.

I don’t know why they’re being so PC. I mean, if you think about it, there are these robots that turn into cars. The heroes, they end up getting to drive these cars. But that’s just kind of creepy. I don’t know about you, but when I’m driving my car, I’m on the phone, I might be talking to myself, or running lines on a script, or I might be picking my nose, or maybe I’ll fart, or maybe I’m with a pretty girl and we’re making out a little bit. I don’t want my car to watch me! I don’t like that. I don’t want my kitchen appliances to have an opinion on what I’m cooking. I don’t want my car talking back, like “You’re driving too fast, you drive like a girl!” I mean, if I fart in a Transformer, what part of the Transformer am I farting on?

Maybe the movie should address that.

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Yeah. I think people should think about THAT. It’s scary.

Indeed it is. The Transformers movie comes out next week in America, and in about four weeks in the UK.

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