Enchanted 2: Alan Menken Gives Brief Update

Alan Menken confirms that he's been working on Enchanted 2, but that the formal green light is yet to be given...

It’s been a decade – really – since the delightful Enchanted landed in cinemas, accompanied by an excellent Amy Adams performance for which she didn’t win an Oscar, and terrific songs and music from Alan Menken.

In the decade that’s followed, there’s been ongoing talk of potentially doing an Enchanted 2, but only recently did it gain fresh impetus at Disney. It’s now an active project for the studio. And whilst little has been heard about it over the past few months, we got the chance to quickly ask Menken what the state of the movie was.

”Yes, we’re doing Enchanted 2,” he confirmed to Den of Geek UK. Not that there’s too much progress yet.

“We’ve had meetings,” he added. “Five films I have right now that are waiting for a greenlight. They’re all standing at the light right now, and at some point they’re going to go ‘greenlight’!” Menken added that he wouldn’t be surprised if they all got the nod at once, thus taking over his professional life for the foreseeable future.

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As we hear more on Enchanted 2, we’ll let you know. For now, Menken’s work can be found in Beauty & The Beast, which opens on March 17th. Our review can be found here.