Drew Barrymore to direct Eclipse?

New Moon hasn't wrapped yet, but Twilight III could be helmed by the actress...

Drew Barrymore shouting 'Action' on Twilight III?

Drew Barrymore could be directing Eclipse, the third instalment in Stephanie Meyer’s popular vampire series. This year’s hasty follow-up to Twilight‘s huge autumn success, New Moon, is directed by Golden Compass screen-writer Chris Weitz, but Entertainment Weekly has heard that Barrymore is one of a group of people that Summit Entertainment are talking to about helming part III.

The actress’s Flower Films production company took part in the Charlies Angels films as well as 50 First Dates, though Barrymore herself has only directed Whip It! so far, in which she co-stars with Ellen Page and Juliette Lewis (it looks like Dirty Dancing with roller-skates, based on the synopsis).

For those who are male, over 17 or weren’t dragged to it by their girlfriends, Twilight concerns a girl who falls in love with a vampire but whose happiness is threatened by a new vampire coven. The series threatens to generate Potter-esque box-office takings, and one wonders if it really will be allowed to end at III, or spin off into sequels and prequels.


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