Dredd 2: can fans make the sequel happen?

The Make a Dredd Sequel campaign's working hard to get a Dredd follow-up going. And fans can help, too, Simon writes...

It’s more than likely that you know the story so far. It was a year ago that a new take on Judge Dredd made it to cinema screens, in the shape of Dredd. With Karl Urban taking on the title role. And with a production that stretched every cent of its circa-$40m production budget, it felt like an uncompromised labour of love from top to bottom. The kind of comic book movie that many of us have been crying out for.

Granted, Dredd is far from a perfect beast, but it’s a raw, occasionally brilliant and authentic take on a comic book character with a rich back catalogue to dig into. A trilogy of films had been talked about, with the possibility of Judge Death even making it to the last one. But the box office takings dealt what at the time looked like a fatal blow to the chances of Dredd 2, and left us staring down the barrel of a future where huge PG-13-rated comic book movies were the only way forward. See also: Watchmen.

Dredd’s worldwide box office total settled at $35m, with just $13m in the US. It struggled, if we’re being honest, in most countries in the world, proving to be a solid hit in the UK but not in many other places (and in the UK, many avoided it at the cinema due to the lack of 2D screenings).

But then it got to DVD, Blu-ray and streaming services. And whilst there’s not been a massive about turn in the film’s fortunes, there’s been enough to make at least one or two people sit up and take notice. That, in turn, has lit a flickering flame of hope for a Dredd 2. In the US, Dredd has done around $10m in disc sales so far, and in the UK, the film has constantly stuck around the top 100 discs at Amazon. Today marks its 272nd day in the Amazon top 100, and the discs keep selling.

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Now, just to ground things a little. Dredd isn’t going to and hasn’t made anyone rich. Yet with continued home interest in the film, there remains the possibility that a sequel could yet press ahead. Yep, it’s a really, really long shot. Yep, we fully expect a couple of comments telling us that there’s no chance of it happening, and that everyone is wasting their time. Yet tell that to the folks running the Dredd sequel campaign. They’ve attracted over 80,000 signatures to their petition, which is now backed by 2000AD, and they’ve continually pushed for and pointed out sales spikes for the film. And we’re standing firmly next to them.

Which brings us today. For the Dredd sequel campaign has anointed today as the day of action to get a new film going. And to stand any chance of this working, it needs the help of lots and lots of people. What they’re asking is for a concerted effort to drive the film back up as many charts as they can. So, if you’ve got the DVD or Blu-ray already, perhaps consider buying another copy for somebody else today, maybe as an early Christmas present. The Blu-ray is widely selling for just £6 in the UK.

If you don’t want to buy a disc, then maybe consider watching or buying the film via a (legal) streaming service. Watch it on Netflix maybe. Basically – anything you can do to get the film noticed, and to give it a bit of revenue somehow.

It’s a bit of an ask certainly, but the idea is that if the film spikes again, it gives it just another push, and hopefully gets its plight noticed once more by those with the power and cash to get Dredd 2 moving.

As we said, a long shot. But it’s got to be worth a try…

Dredd Sequel campaign

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