Don’t expect Indiana Jones 5 anytime soon…

Harrison Ford is doing the media rounds for his latest film, Morning Glory. And he’s giving a familiar answer when asked about the status of Indiana Jones 5…

It’s not what you’d call a massive update, but Harrison Ford is currently doing the junket rounds for a new film, and inevitably, people are asking him about the current status of Indiana Jones 5.

To be fair, you could probably guess the answer a mile off, but Ford is batting it out in his usual style. Talking to Access Hollywood, he’s confirmed that “George is working on something now, but I haven’t really seen anything on paper.” He goes on to say, “We’ve talked a little bit about it. It would be fun. I’d love to do it.”

That has been the party line for some time now, and the truth of the project is likely to be that, until George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Ford himself can lock down a story that they’re all happy with, they’ll keep us waiting a little longer for the film.

Time, we might suggest, isn’t on their side here, as Ford himself has conceding in recent years he’s become a character actor now, more than a leading man. But perhaps if his new film, Morning Glory, gives his career a shot in the arm once more, it might accelerate a few people’s thinking. (Is it just us that’s looking forward to Cowboys & Aliens more than a fifth Indy movie, though?)

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Here‘s the piece at Access Hollywood.

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