Disney’s Diamond Collection Snow White: with coloured in borders?

A few interesting features are revealed as Disney confirms October’s Blu-ray release of Snow White…

Snow White

If I’m following this correctly, we’ve had Walt Disney Classics, Walt Disney Masterpieces, and more recently, the Platinum Collection. That’s not enough for the forthcoming Disney reissue of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, however. Because now we’re moving onto the Diamond Collection. They’re running out of items of value to name these things after.

That said, we’re excited to see, given just how well Sleeping Beauty and Pinocchio turned out, just what Disney will be doing with its forthcoming Snow White release. It’s the Blu-ray release in particular that’s got us intrigued, not least because it’s arriving three weeks ahead of the DVD. The high definition transfer and touching up work Disney has done of the two classics it’s released thus far in 1080p has been astounding, and we fully expect Snow White to be a labour of love for the firm.

The disc will be loaded with fresh bonus features, as you’d hope, and it’s also been remastered to include a 7.1 high definition surround sound track. That’s a bit odd for the purist, given that the film wasn’t made with such technology in mind, but as long as the original audio track is on there too, then it’s nothing to grumble about. Quite the contrary, potentially.

The most interesting feature we’ve picked out of the press release is the DisneyView option. This is in some ways a sad sign of the times, in that people struggle to cope with a black border around the picture on their television screens. To combat this, Disney has hired in Toby Bluth to create special art to fill the borders, filling “otherwise dark edges of the screen with beautiful custom imagery, giving audiences a new view of their animated classic favourite”.

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Granted, we’re not quite at the level of the BBC broadcasting 2001: A Space Odyssey with patterns above and below the picture as it once did many decades ago, and it’ll be fascinating to see just how well this works. Once again, given that it’s a switch on or off option, it’s hard to grumble about it.

The full features list is one to salivate over, though, and it’s going to take two Blu-ray discs to hold it all in. Heck, you can even upload a photo of yourself and put yourself in the place of one of the Seven Dwarfs in the film itself. Clearly, we’d be Grumpy.

We can’t wait to see it, but it’s October before Snow White makes it Blu-ray bow. Given how well the Disney releases to date have shaped up, it’s almost certain to be something very special…