Disney adds live action Prince Charming movie

Prince Charming is looking to follow the success of Maleficent, as Disney picks up a screenplay for the movie...

So, are you keeping score? It’s been a while since Disney was revealed to be working on another live action on an animated film of character, but so far, this lot are in varying stages of production:

The Jungle Book (due 2016)Pete’s Dragon (due 2016)Alice In Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass (due 2016)Beauty And The Beast (due 2017)Dumbo (with Tim Burton set to direct)Winnie The Pooh, Mulan, Pinnochio, Tinkerbell, Maleficent 2

And now, we can add one more: a Prince Charming film is on the way.

The studio has picked up a script from Matt Fogel (who worked on Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs), and it’s said to offer a “revisionist take” on the character.

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It’s clearly early days for the project. We don’t know yet who’s going to be directing, nor who’s in line to play Prince Charming himself (we’ve thus illustrated this story with an image from the recent live action Cinderella movie). We shall not be contacting our agent, though. Sorry to disappoint.

More on Prince Charming as we hear it.