Digimon Adventure tri. Movie 4: Everything You Need To Know

Digimon Adventure tri. Loss is coming soon! Here's everything you need to know.

Digimon Adventure tri. Movie 4: Loss is coming soon and we’ve got all the latest updates here! The movie will have it’s limited theatrical run in Japan on February 25th, 2017. As with the last three films, it will most likely be streamed on Crunchyroll the same day with English subtiles. A new trailer just dropped that features a ton of action and some quick glances at the Digi-World.


One particular shot of the kids standing at the train tracks evokes the final episode of the first season when they departed the Digi-World. Will they use that train to get back home again?

The first five minutes of the movie have also been posted and you can watch it below.


We pick up right where left off with the Digidestined trying to reconnect with their Digimon. Some are finding this easier than others, with Kari putting in the most work to reintroduce herself. Since this movie looks to have a large Sora focus she has the most trouble with Yokomon. Meiko is also back on Earth and her Digivice is, for lack of a better term, X’ed out. What could this mean?

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Well, the first trailer for the movie gives us a few clues. We’ve even got a translation for it below.


Thanks to onkeikun on the Digimon With the Will forums, here’s that translation.

Gennai?: A touching reunion. [And so, we fight against loss…] Yamato: I came to this world to find you, and no one else. Taichi: Yeah. Sora: I’m worried about you! Piyomon: You’re lying! You’re just scared of being alone! Sora: That’s not true! Piyomon: Then go look for the others. Sora: Piyomon! Why won’t you understand? Piyomon: I don’t know you! [Even if the memories are gone…] Takeru: All of it may be gone from the Digital World now, but we remember. From the time we first met, to the time when we had to separate… [Bonds can be recovered] Mimi: We got to meet again! That right now is enough for me! Palmon: Don’t eat me!!! Mimi: I won’t eat you. Taichi: I never could figure out how Sora felt, even when we were kids. Even though she sticks her nose in other people’s problems, she’s secretive about her own and tries to take care of them herself! Not that that’s a bad thing about her… [Now, once more to the Digital World!]Meiko: You’re not wrong! Our Digimon partners are special. We’re connected to each other, always, no matter what happens! It was you who told me that, Sora-san! Please don’t say things like that! Piyomon: What’s a partner? Sora: Eh? Piyomon: Sora, you said that I was your partner.

Besides the dialogue in the trailer, we also get some brief glimpses of MetalSeadramon and the digivolution of Seraphimon, Patamon’s mega level. We’ve got a look at the poster of the film which gives us a few more clues to the plot.

So right off the bat we know this movie will be focusing on Sora, especially with the reveal of Biyomon’s mega evolution, Hououmon. Tai and Matt are also on the poster, which may be hinting the love triange between the three will be a major thread in the movie. We’ve also got Machinedramon, another of the four Dark Masters. Tapirmon is also hiding in there. What’s he got to do with the movie? Is he that important to the plot?

Beyond those visuals clues we’ve also got a plot summary, thanks to With The Will.

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Meicoomon’s rampage and the reboot which followed–

Leaving behind Meiko, anguishing, Taichi and the others set off for the Digital World.There they reunited with their partner Digimon who lost their memories of everything up until now.

And yet their bonds must begin anew and the Chosen Children hold out a hand to their affected Digimon.

Nevertheless, even though Piyomon is the only one to evolve to their Child level, she reveals how wary she still is…“It’s like I said before, I don’t know about this past you’re speaking of!!”As someone whom she once held in high regard and sympathized with before, now a stranger, Piyomon instead harbors suspicion for Sora’s gestures of kindness.

Finding her feelings hurt, Taichi and Yamato can’t find the words to help Sora.What will they do in the Digital World going forward?–

Before they can discuss this with each other, Meicoomon appears…and then disappears. Somehow, it has retained it’s old memories as it wanders in tears while searching for Meiko–Seeing the creature, the children’s decision to travel to the Digital World in order to save Meicoomon becomes clearer. But then, the figure of a man once subdued by the Dark Masters appears before them.

Around the same time in the Real World, Nishijima receives notice that Himekawa has disappeared.Investigating, he gets to the bottom of Himekawa’s actions up until now and finds out about a certain goal that was hidden from him.A connection to a past incident which decided the fate of two people…

And now, the adventure evolves once more–

A Sora focus is well appreciated, especially after the strange treatment of the female characters in movie 2. Check out our review of movie 3 to see some speculation about where the next movie could go.

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