Die Hard 6 Still Happening, Hires Writers

Die Hard 6 is still happening, and has just hired the writers of the Conjuring movies.

Anybody remember Die Hard 5? No? Blocked that one out of your memory?

Don’t worry. Die Hard 6 is coming to refresh your memory and further dilute the legacy of one of the greatest action movies of all time (and which spawned two sequels that were pretty good, before everything went to hell).

Len Wiseman, who brought us the masterpiece that was Live Free or Die Hard and the far better than you remember it being first Underworld movie (the rest, well…let’s not talk about them) is back to direct. He’s overseeing things with Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and the pair have hired Chad and Carey Hayes, who wrote the excellent The Conjuring and the even better The Conjuring 2.

That’s a solid writing team, and their involvement takes the sting out of the other details, though, because the plan is that Die Hard 6 will be a prequel. The Tracking Board (who broke the news that the Hayes are on board) report that this is something like Die Hard: Year One. The plan is for Bruce Willis will star as John McClane in bookend sequences, but everything else will take place in NYC in the 1970s, with a younger actor stepping into the McClane role. I’m all about ’70s New York crime dramas, and if they can give those flashback sequences that distinctive look, I might be on board.

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There’s no release date for Die Hard 6 just yet, and Wiseman and di Bonaventura have been trying to get this moving for nearly three years. It might be a while.