Dave Bautista Joining James Bond 24

Dave Bautista goes from Guardians Of The Galaxy to battling 007 in James Bond 24...

 Of the many delights that James Gunn’s Guardians Of The Galaxy movie had to offer, there was Dave Bautista as Drax The Destroyer. Many figured it’d just be a bit part he had in the run up to the film’s release, but it turned out that Bautista was a bit more important to Guardians Of The Galaxy than that.

And his Marvel work – which there will be more of – has proven quite a calling card. For news reaches us this today at Dave Bautista is the latest addition to the 24th James Bond film.

The new 007 movie, which will see Daniel Craig reprise the lead role, is set to start shooting at the end of the year, with Sam Mendes returning to direct following his success

with Skyfall. Bautista, unsurprisingly, will be taking on a henchman role in the movie, albeit an “iconic” one, whatever that means. The codename for his character is Hinx, but that’s likely to change by the time cameras start rolling.

Lea Seydoux, incidentally, also joined the cast of James Bond 24 last week.

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The new film arrives in cinemas in the UK in October next year (November in the US), by which time it will have a title. For now, it does not…

Source: James Bond Radio and Latino Review

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