Dan Harmon’s Involvement In Doctor Strange Revealed By Scott Derrickson

Doctor Strange writer/director Derrickson reveals the extent of television creator Dan Harmon's involvement in working on the film.

Dan Harmon didn’t just create a genius on TV with Rick Sanchez on Rick and Morty, he might actually be a genius as well.

At least that’s what every Community fan might tell you, including Community fan and Doctor Strange director/writer Scott Derrickson. In an interview with Moviefone, Derrickson shared his appreciation for Harmon’s work and revealed Harmon’s previously mysterious contributions to the finished Doctor Strange film.

It turns out that Harmon and Derrickson were introduced by Derrickson’s “best friend” and neighbor, Joel McHale, and that Derrickson’s kids were such fans of Community that their love rubbed off on Dad.

“My kids have seen every episode of Community, which means that I have seen every episode of Community multiple times. The more I watch that show, the more I think [Harmon] is a certifiable genius. He really is,” Derrickson said, before describing their meeting.

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“Meeting him in person — he’s odd and quirky — but what he did was, he came in, saw a cut of the movie, and had a really striking analysis. Because he hadn’t read any of the scripts and didn’t know the Doctor Strange mythology and I’m not sure how much of a comic book fan he was. But he saw the movie, loved it, and had some breakdown things that were very helpful. That alone was probably his biggest contribution.”

Derrickson goes on to disclose that Harmon then worked on writing some scenes, but besides a joke here and there, the scenes were “a little too out in Dan Harmon-land,” to make the film. That may sound like shade, but Derrickson further compliments and thanks Harmon by saying, “I really love the guy and I really think he made a significant contribution in the process. He was the voice we needed to hear at the time, and I will always be thankful and watch anything he does. He’s a brilliant dude.”

Aw, isn’t that sweet? Still, we can’t help but wonder, what ideas were too strange for Doctor Strange?