Dakota Fanning plays Italian vampire in New Moon

Twilight sequel finds child actress making another bid for a mature role...

Dakota Fanning

Having rattled her ‘child actor’ cage a little in Push, Dakota Fanning has officially been slated for the rushed Twilight sequel. Fanning will play Jane, a member of Italian vampire group the Volturi. It’s said that she terrifies the other members of the clan, who are three times her size. Fair enough – if there’s anything scarier than an adolescent girl, Hollywood hasn’t found it yet.

Nothing wrong with going young in vampire casting – Kirsten Dunst was effective and uncanny in Interview With The Vampire (1995), and the vampire kids were the most frightening thing in the original Salem’s Lot (1979) and the remake (2005). But dare I suggest that Fanning’s determination to make a Jodie Foster-like assault on ‘older’ roles isn’t working out as it did with Ms. Foster? In Push, the 14 year-old was put into short-skirts and shown getting drunk; since she is very evidently still a child, it was all very creepy, . The temptation to strike while the iron is hot must be quite a pressure for the Fanning clan, but I’d argue that they’re booking her in for next year’s material this year. And that definitely includes playing drug-addled Cheri Currie in The Runaways.

Anyway, New Moon goes before the cameras next month in a breakneck schedule to repeat Twilight‘s November success.


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