Could Roland Emmerich’s next movie be Singularity?

Roland Emmerich’s been working away on a script for his proposed next feature, currently called Singularity...

With films such as 2012, Godzilla and Independence Day, director Roland Emmerich has proved himself to be the undisputed master (along with Michael Bay) of blowing stuff up for our entertainment.

It’s rather surprising, then, that his next film, Anonymous, isn’t about collapsing skyscrapers or fire and brimstone, but about the attribution of the works of Shakespeare. This does not compute. Emmerich doing a comparatively subdued period drama? We can only assume that, at some point, the Bard gets to run towards the camera as the Globe Theatre explodes behind him in slow motion.

Anyway, with Anonymous out later this year, there’s been some speculation as to the identity of Emmerich’s next project. It was suggested earlier this year that he was set to seize the controls to an adaptation of creaky old videogame, Asteroids, but more recent reports may mean that project’s put on hold.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Emmerich has been quietly writing a script of his own, the details of which are currently top secret. What we do know is that it’s called Singularity, which, coincidentally, is the name of another videogame, released by Activision last year.

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It’s thought that Columbia is about to pick the project up, and that Singularity will return to the big budget scale for which Emmerich is famous. This has led to some speculation that the film will be another sci-fi movie for the director, which isn’t an unreasonable assumption, given its title. But who knows? Given that Anonymous is about an Elizabethan writer scrawling on parchment at a desk, maybe Singularity will turn out to be something to do with algebraic geometry.

The Hollywood Reporter