Clueless Remake in Development

Maybe Paul Rudd's agelessness can be put to the test, because a Clueless remake is like in for real development.

Clueless Remake Cher

We can forgive you if you’re totally buggin’ right now, because Clueless is about to get a remake. For real. The 1995 teenage romantic comedy that was loosely inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma is having a creative match made in Hollywood for a redo. As confirmed by THR, Paramount is developing the Clueless remake with Tracy Oliver onboard to produce. Best known for writing Girls Trip, Oliver is producing over a screenplay that is being written here by Marquita Robinson, one of the writers for Netflix’s delightful GLOW dramedy series.

While few other details are known about the remake, Clueless itself is a fairly beloved staple among Generation X and older Millennials, who grew up quoting the fashion forward Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and her favorite catchphrase, “As if,” every time someone said something preposterous. That ‘90s touchstone repurposed Austen’s novel for high school life in Beverly Hills where Cher attempts to play matchmaker for two teachers in order to improve her grades without studying, all while negotiating her own complicated love life. Juggling multiple romances, the film is probably best remembered for its heroine ultimately winding up with her stepbrother, played by comedy’s very own Mr. Dorian Gray, Paul Rudd.

It is unclear what a new take on the material would offer in lieu of writer-director Amy Heckerling’s original vision. However, it should be noted the audience who grew up with Clueless is now old enough (or soon will be) to have Chers of their own running around, so in an age where everything needs to be branded, it is perhaps not unwise to begin development on a movie targeted at the children of Clueless’ original audience. Mean Girls fans probably should brace themselves for the very same reason in a few years.

Still, if someone were to claim a remake could touch the ’95 movie? As if, indeed.

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