Cliffhanger: the reboot!

The 1990s Stallone action vehicle is confirmed for the reboot treatment. Yikes.


Now it is officially time to beware. The remake and reboot gravy train is firmly in the 1990s, as plans have been revealed in Variety to bring back to life – are you ready for this – the movie Cliffhanger.

Back in 1993, Cliffhanger proved to be Stallone’s first action hit in some time, and rumours were rife for some time (after his legendary flirtation with comedies such as Oscar and Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot – classics, the pair of them) that he’d be back for a sequel, entitled The Dam. But that never happened, and the movie has continued to add to its impressive box office take with solid video, DVD and even Blu-ray sales.

Just 16 years after the original though – and how long will it be before one of this decade’s films is remade? – and Cliffhanger will be resurrected. This time, it’ll follow some young climbers, and as producer Neil Moritz tells Variety, “Just as they rebooted ‘Star Trek,’ we’re going to do the same with ‘Cliffhanger‘.”

We’re not entirely sure we see the parallel there, but what do we know?

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The usual drill here is to try and lure in the original star for a cameo, just to add a bit of extra credibility, but we suspect Sylvester Stallone has enough on his plate to even consider it. Stranger things have happened, though.

The film is set to start shooting next year, with no cast, script or director currently in place.

Our guess at tomorrow’s news? That The Matrix is being remade to give it a more ‘modern’ feel. Would you bet against it?