Chronicles Of Narnia Reboot Will Start New Trilogy

The Silver Chair director Joe Johnston on where the Narnia movie series is heading next...

We learned a little while back that Joe Johnston, of Captain America: The First Avenger and Jumanji fame, is to direct the reboot of the Narnia film series. He’s set to start work on The Silver Chair in earnest this year.

He’s also, though, via his YouTube account, begun answering questions about the movie and his plans for it. And in there is some new information.

With thanks to Den Of Geek reader Andrew Martin for alerting us to this, Johnston confirms in the Q&A that The Silver Chair is a full reboot of the movie series. “Everything is new,” he says. “This is the beginning of a brand-new trilogy. We will make reference to characters and events in the other films as the book does, but think of this as the beginning of an all-new trilogy.”

Adding that he wants “to remain true to the essence of [author] C S Lewis’ work,” Johnston also confirmed that he’ll be recasting the film. “Will Poulter is a very good actor,” he said, “but he’s too old to play Eustace now. But beyond that, I want to set this apart from the other trilogy. So I’m going to start with an all-new cast.” The film will also “look different” from the other films, and Johnston will stay faithful to the book, whilst making “the most commercial version” of it that he can, while still making it good.

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The plan is to shoot as much of the film on location, most likely in and around New Zealand.

The full Q&A – hopefully the first in a series of them – is below. In it, Johnston also has a few words about a hugely underappreciated movie of his, October Sky