Christian Bale to star in Brad Anderson’s Concrete Island

The Machinist and Vanishing On 7th Street director Brad Anderson is teaming up with Christian Bale for an adaptation of a JG Ballard novel...

Christian Bale genuinely excels at punishing, physically transformative roles. Whether it’s the muscle-bound, vain yuppie he played in American Psycho, the emaciated, guilt-marinated loner of The Machinist, or the crack-addicted ex-boxer of The Fighter, Bale’s performances are frequently keyed in to his appearance.

According to Shock Till You Drop, Bale has signed up with The Machinist and Vanishing On 7th Street director, Brad Anderson, to work on an adaptation of author JG Ballard’s novel, Concrete Island. Described by Anderson as “like an urban Robinson Crusoe story”, the project could again see Bale losing significant amounts of weight for the role of a marooned survivor.

“A guy crashes a car into a highway interchange and is marooned in this weedy lot, injured, and can’t escape, and he’s basically trying to survive in the middle of the big urban metropolis,” Anderson said. “It’s sort of a crazy, cool Ballard-esque type story, but Christian’s on board to do that, when we can fit it into his schedule, of course.”

That schedule happens to include The Dark Knight Rises, of course, which means that, having finished his tenure as Batman, he’ll once again have to lose weight for Concrete Island, a reversal of the process he underwent following The Machinist, where Bale had to rapidly gain several pounds of muscle for Batman Begins.

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Anderson’s a talented director and we’re greatly looking forward to his creepy thriller, Vanishing On 7th Street, though its UK release date hasn’t been announced. It’s refreshing to see Ballard’s work being given some attention.

More news on Concrete Island as it drifts in.

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