Christian Bale confirms he’s done with Batman

Christian Bale confirms The Dark Knight Rises is his last Batman film. Plus, he's got a few thoughts on his co-stars...

It had seemed pretty certain already that The Dark Knight Rises would mark the final Batman film for director Christopher Nolan. And Christian Bale has regularly said that he wouldn’t go on making Batman movies unless Nolan was doing them. Thus, it seemed The Dark Knight Rises would see Bale donning the batsuit for the last time.

Now that production has wrapped on The Dark Knight Rises, that seems to have been confirmed.

Chatting to Inquirer Entertainment, Bale revealed that that “I wrapped a few days ago so that will be the last time I’m taking that cowl off. I believe that the whole production wrapped yesterday, so it’s all done. Everything’s finished. It’s me and Chris – that will be the end of that Batman era.”

Also as part of the interview, Bale lavished praise on his co-stars in the film. We still don’t quite know where Joseph Gordon-Levitt fits into the narrative of The Dark Knight Rises, but Bale describes him as “somebody who truly seems to love acting”, adding that “he did a very good job in the movie”.

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Of Tom Hardy, his words are even strong. Describing him as a “phenomenal actor”, Bale confessed that “I like working with him a great deal”. He also describes Anne Hathaway’s role in the film as “the toughest job of any of us”.

In the same interview, incidentally, Bale also confirmed that he’s going to be making a pair of films with Terrence Malick, but the names of Lawless and Knight Of Cups. Cate Blanchett will be co-starring.

We get a stronger glimpse of The Dark Knight Rises next month, when a prologue to the film is screened before Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’s IMAX showings. And we’ll keep you posted on news of the film as we get it.


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