Cats And Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore trailer

The belated sequel to Cats And Dogs gets its first trailer. But: what’s this? Cats and dogs working together? Bah…

In the league of missed opportunities, Cats & Dogs doesn’t quite rank up there with the Tom & Jerry animated movie, but it’s not far off. What we hoped would be a straight up fight between felines and canines got bogged down in a dull as ditchwater plot, and too often the emphasis was taken away from smacking seven shades out of one another.

It did enough, however, to warrant a sequel, although it’s a film that’s taking some time in coming. Cats & Dogs 2, though – in spite of a fun opening to this trailer – looks like committing the same cardinal sin as the aforementioned Tom & Jerry film. And that’s that the two mortal enemies are going to have to team up. Why? Can’t they just fight? That’s surely what most people want to see, and it’s the concept that the film is built on?

If you can forgive the terrible bad hair day pun, this trailer’s actually not bad at all. Here’s hoping that they all don’t get along too well, though…

The film arrives on 30th July in the US, and 4th August in the UK.

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