Casting news for Duncan Jones’ Source Code

The next film from the director of Moon is falling into place…

Yesterday, we ranked Duncan Jones’ excellent Moon as one of the most underappreciated movies of 2009. Granted, it’s got a lot of appreciation on sites like these, but when you measure its box office take and criminal lack of awards exposure, you can’t help feeling that it deserved a much, much better fate. But we remain confident it’ll secure a notable audience on DVD and Blu-ray for years to come.

In the meantime, Jones himself is moving on to direct Source Code, a time travel thriller that finds Jake Gyllenhaal transplanted into the body of a stranger who keeps reliving a train bombing. And so he will do, it seems, until he can find out who’s behind it.

Source Code is set to shoot in March, and the latest parts of the casting jigsaw have slotted into place. Up In The Air‘s Vera Farmiga (and she really is brilliant in that film – expect an Oscar nomination at the very least) is set to play a communications officer who’s in control of Gyllenhaal’s character, while Michelle Monaghan (just typing that name makes us want to break out our copy of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang again) is down for one of the passengers on the aforementioned train.

We’ll have more news on Source Code as and when we get it….

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