Cannonball Run Reboot Speeding Your Way

Warner Bros. will reboot The Cannonball Run, possibly with Doug Liman behind the wheel.

The Cannonball Run is either an example of epic comedy done right, or an unfortunate example of ’80s excess. At the very least, the first Cannonball Run movie provides solid, if dated laughs, playing like a celebrity variety show/general orgy of ridiculousness.

I mean, c’mon, where else are you going to get Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise racing Roger Moore, Jackie Chan, Sammy Davis Jr, and Dean Martin across the country in absurd early ’80s cars? Get some friends together, a few bottles of something or other, and maybe some contraband and have yourself a Cannonball Run themed party and see if you can make it through this movie. Or the second one. I’m not sure anyone has made it through the third one.

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Anyway, why leave this movie in 1981 when this is a perfectly rebootable/franchisable piece of intellectual property, right? Perhaps Warner Bros. wants a comedic Fast & Furious or sees 21 Jump Street like potential in this one. Rawson Thurber had previously been attached to direct but now THR has word that Doug Liman might be putting his foot on the gas instead. The script is by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant. Andre Morgan and Alan Gasmer will produce. This may not be a traditional “reboot” because really, there’s no reason that this can’t exist in the same continuity as the earlier flicks, right?

No word on a release date yet.

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