Cabin In The Woods director eyes The Martian

Andy Weir's book The Martian is coming to the movies, with some help from Drew Goddard...

As director, Drew Goddard has one feature to his name so far. That feature just happens to be, though, the terrific Cabin In The Woods. As writer? You’ll find his work in the likes of BuffyAngelLost and Alias. Plus he happened to write the movie Cloverfield.

You’ll understand then if we find ourselves interested in whatever the man chooses to tackle next. And, as it turns out, it might just be a big screen take on Andy Weir’s e-book, The Martian. At heart the story of an astronaut who ends up stranded on Mars, the book has been withdrawn from sale pending the release of a print edition next year.

Whether that works in Goddard’s favor or not, we couldn’t tell you. We do know that 20th Century Fox is developing the movie, and that Goddard would pen the screenplay as well as direct. Sounds interesting, and we’ll let you know more about The Martian we discover it…

The Wrap.

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