Bryan Singer and Superman: Man Of Steel [STORY UPDATED]

Warner Bros, Bryan Singer and the next Superman film. Story updated...

When will Superman return? And who will be Superman?


See the bottom of the story for an update…

Appreciating we may be a little later than usual getting to the party on this one, but we’ve just caught the story that, after a whole lot of prevaricating, Warner Bros has confirmed that Bryan Singer is going to be helming the next Superman movie.

Singer, who has just come off the back of the promotional work for the Tom Cruise flick Valkyrie, was suspected to be moved off the project, given the underwhelming critical and fan response to his 2006 Superman reboot, Superman Returns. Warner Bros has been cautious since then on how to proceed with the Superman franchise, particularly having sat and watched how the Batman series has been reignited, and talk was of a further reboot, without Singer’s involvement.

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However, perhaps with one eye on Singer’s excellent second X-Men movie, IESB has learned that he’s getting the reigns for the next adventure for the Man Of Steel. Brandon Routh too will be returning to don the famous tights.

There’s still no timescale on the movie, but it’s fair to say that the pressure’s going to be on with this one. Singer, and we’re glad he’s got the gig, has pretty much got one more shot to make this work, else Warner Bros has a real problem on its hands with what should be one of its key franchises.

Here‘s the IESB story.

Update: Silly us. Turns out the report was from exactly a year ago, and not today. Apologies for the confusion caused. We did double check, but clearly missed the digit at the end of the year name. We shall spend the weekend clearly wiping some egg off our faces. An honest, human mistake, and it won’t be happening again.

In the interests of proving just how daft we were, we’ll leave the original story we wrote intact. Apologies again.