Brightburn Trailer, Release Date, News, and More for James Gunn Horror Project

James Gunn's superhero/horror mashup, Brightburn, puts a terrifying twist on a familiar superhero origin trope.

Brightburn Trailer, Release Date, News for James Gunn Horror Movie

You ever wonder what life would be like if Clark Kent weren’t such a nice guy? Apparently so has director James Gunn

Brightburn was announced as an “untitled James Gunn horror project” earlier this year, shortly before Gunn was forced out by Disney from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Gunn serves as producer on Brightburn and his name is understandably all over the thing. But the movie is actually directed by David Yarovesky (The Hive), based on a script from Mark and Brian Gunn (Mark is James’s cousin, Brian is James’s brother. Neither of them is to be confused with Sean Gunn, who is the Gunn that does the motion capture work in Guardians. There are a LOT of Gunns).

Elizabeth Banks is set to star as the monster superhero boy’s mother, which is honestly kind of the role she was born to play…or slay.

Brightburn Trailer

The final trailer for Brightburn is here, making one last powerful pitch for the terrifying twist on the prototypical superhero origin tale ahead of its release.

The second trailer for Brightburn, seen just below, is even more dark and foreboding than the first.

Previously, Sony Pictures released the first trailer for the Gunn-produced Brightburn and it features a lot of similar concepts and iconography from the Superman origin story…with some dark twists. Take a look below. 


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There is a lot that looks quite familiar in that trailer: amber waves of cornfields in the American Midwest are interrupted by a celestial object crashing to Earth, and the aforementioned object happens to contain a humanoid alien that a nice farming couple decides to raise on their own. The kid is super talented and super…well, super. He’s even seemingly pre-occupied by creating an S-like symbol for himself. 

“Who am I?” the precocious kid asks in the trailer.

“You are a gift,” his mother (played by Elizabeth Banks) responds.

Then of course the violence begins. This looks to be a fascinating, and horrifying take on a Golden age comic book origin story that we’ve all grown quite comfortable with. If nothing else, this looks to be the perfect synthesis of Gunn’s career as a horror auteur (Slither) and as a superhero storyteller (Guardians of the Galaxy).

Brightburn Release Date

Brightburn will be released on May 24. That’s Memorial Day so enjoy your day off work with some dark superhero action. The film was originally slated for November of 2018.

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