Brian De Palma Planning Harvey Weinstein Horror Movie

Harvey Weinstein is the inspiration for an upcoming horror film from director Brian De Palma.

Over the weekend, a new interview with filmmaker Brian De Palma surfaced. And while in it he spoke about a film he’s made – Domino – that’s unlikely to now see any kind of release, he also dropped in about a project he has on the horizon. It’d be fair to say it was the latter that grabbed the headlines.

For De Palma told Le Parisien that he’s working on a script for a horror movie, using the serious allegations against Harvey Weinstein as some kind of foundation for it.

Weinstein has been accused of rape, sexual misconduct, sexual abuse and more, having appeared in a New York court towards the end of last month to be formally charged. He continues to deny the charges and allegations, but countering that, more allegations keep coming. And very serious ones.

Where, then, does De Palma’s film idea come in?

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“I’m writing a film about this scandal, a project I’m talking about with a French producer,” De Palma revealed. “My character won’t be named Harvey Weinstein but it will be a horror film, with a sexual aggressor, and it will take place in the film industry.”

That’s as far as De Palma has got on the project thus far.

The full interview can be found here. More details as we hear them.