Brett Ratner-watch: Conan is definite

The planet's favourite film director is bringing Conan back to the big screen...

Mr Brett Ratner

We just know that many of you are as big a fans of Brett Ratner as we are, with the visionary director being just the name you want to see attached to any project you in any way care about. It’s why we’ve added this public service, where we alert you to the latest movie goings-on on the man who Martin Scorsese once probably described as “my one true rival”.

Anyway, regular readers may recall an earlier episode of Brett Ratner-watch, where we mentioned that he was being talked about in relation to an upcoming reboot of the Conan franchise. Well here’s some news that’ll just about ice the cake of a glorious morning: it’s true!

According to a report at Aint-It-Cool, Lionsgate – who is making the new Conan film – has Brett Ratner now firmly on-board to direct! This must come as a blessed relief to many, who feared that a Hollywood hack along the lines of Christopher Nolan or Sam Raimi may be approached for the film, and with Ratner on board, the future of Conan (whether the film proves to be remake, sequel or restart) just couldn’t be in safer hands.

Here’s the AICN story.

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