Boogeyman 3 DVD review

Holger's unimpressed with this by-the-numbers slasher sequel, and a monster that could be killed with even the lightest application of common sense…

Boogeyman 3

Boogeyman 3? I guess that means there was also a 1 and even a 2, both of which have completely slipped under my radar.

The third instalment introduces Audrey (Nikki Sanderson ) coming from the funeral of her father (Tobin “Jigsaw” Bell, who only appears as a picture in a photo frame and, though uncredited, appears to also narrate a few off-screen excerpts of his character’s diary). Her dad was convinced that the Boogeyman is a living entity and responsible for the killing of his psychiatric patients. Before you can say “Boo!” Audrey is also chased by this apparition and barely makes it over to her friend Sarah (Erin Cahill), a college student, who starts believing in the monster when she sees Audrey being viciously killed by him.

One major issue with this flick is its absolutely ludicrous premise. From a relatively early point in the movie, it becomes quite apparent that the Boogeyman only appears to those who believe in him and that the more people who believe in him the stronger he gets.

And what does our heroine do? Warn each and every person about the Boogeyman thereby creating full awareness rather than just keep her mouth shut about him!

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Dodgy dialogue highlight must therefore go to the scene in which Sarah tries to convince her professor that the Boogeyman is real:

“You have to believe me!” (in a pleading voice)

Lights flicker! Boogeyman chuckles.

“Oh my God, you do believe me!” (in a panic stricken voice)

Errr, right, well done, Sarah. This is what’s commonly known as a shot in the foot.

Dodgy premises aside, there really is very little originality here. The college students may not be quite as annoying as in other movies, but the murders are very much bog-standard. The film follows all the genre rules without ever straying from the well-trodden path, and as a result fails to properly surprise, shock or engage us.

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There’s nothing in it that we haven’t seen a thousand times before. Well, nothing with the exception of Nikki Sanderson’s unexpected bathroom strip. It’s a sorry state of affairs, though, when the most exciting aspect of watching a horror movie is the fact that we get to see a former Corrie Star in all her glory.

Extras: Sometimes DVD extras will help you re-evaluate your opinion about a film. This, however, is not so much the case with Boogeyman 3, a film that seems to thrive on its ordinariness even when it comes to the special features. There are a small number of deleted scenes that aren’t really of any importance. Another three short features breathlessly narrate the “challenges” of filming the movie in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, most of these appear to be of the common-or-garden variety of issues that you are bound to face when filming abroad.

One feature’s entire highlight is the sole fact that the two main stars were – shock, gasp – delayed by a few hours in Munich airport! The drama of it! Will they arrive in time for the first day’s shooting? Will they ever get over the fact that they’re now in a German airport, in a German restaurant, eating a German salad?

The filmmakers also do not seem to get over the issue that people in Bulgaria look different to Americans, so – imagine! – for the extras they had to therefore look for Bulgarians who look less foreign. Of course, they effectively failed to do so, as the first thought in everyone’s mind when watching the girls in the shower scene is ‘Eastern European hooker’ as opposed to ‘All-American cheerleader’.

And one scene in which one of the characters gets violently pressed into a trunk is indeed quite possibly the most effective scene in this movie (faint praise, indeed), but it is far from being the amazing special effects extravaganza that the special features would have us believe.

All in all, Boogeyman 3 is not really awful enough to truly hate, but there’s also nothing in there to make you love it either. It’s a paint-by-numbers horror movie. If you ever wanted to see Candice Stowe in the buff, here’s your chance, but apart from that there is very little in it to hold the attention.

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2 stars

Boogeyman 3 is out now.


2 out of 5