Boogeyman 3 DVD review

If you like cheesy horror, then Boogeyman 3 may redeem itself. But for everyone else...

Boogeyman 3

After the success of the original (the Ghosthouse version not the 80s video nasty), Boogeyman‘s first sequelthen moved from a suburban setting to a mental hospital run by Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell. The film was utter rubbish and I thought that the Boogeyman would disappear into the shadows. However, Ghosthouse and Stage 6 Films have resurrected him for a low budget entry filmed in Bulgaria where Steven Seagal tends to hang out these days.

We start with the introduction of Audrey, the daughter of Bell’s doctor character from part two. Audrey has found her dad’s journal and unwisely reads it. Reading her father’s notes is a bit of a mistake and she is soon convinced the Boogeyman is real. The Boogeyman returns and hassles her in the bath and then menaces her and pulls her under the bed. Audrey is played by Coronation Street’s Nikki (Candice) Sanderson who performs a nude bathing scene. I wonder what Norris in the Kabin would think about that? To give Sanderson her due, she performs the role pretty well and is quite convincing in an underwritten role.

Audrey’s best friend Sarah is also struggling with her demons as her mother has recently died. Now, the Boogeyman can only exist when people believe that he exists. With a couple of deaths hitting the college campus, he is in his element when the students start to believe in him.

As we are in a movie aimed at the teenage and young adult crowd, we are introduced to different characters from the patented ‘stereotypes for a horror movie’ selection. So, there is a token black guy, the handsome boyfriend and the blonde best friend. You know all of them are for the chopping block but there are no real nasty characters so when they do bite the dust you do feel for them……but only a bit. Also included for good measure is some pointless nudity in the ladies shower area, but it does serve its purpose as it is part of the plot, if rather loosely.

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As mentioned above, Boogeyman 3 is a direct to DVD production made in Bulgaria, so this means we have some British thespians attempting to play Americans. Sanderson, I have already mentioned, but we also have a chap who used to be in Casualty as well. The whole cast do well in what is pretty thin material and play it straight. The production values are good and the sets are convincing considering we are thousands of miles away from an American campus.

The deaths are fairly inventive and creepy. Thankfully, director Gary Jones has stayed away from excessive gore and has concentrated on scares and off screen deaths which actually work for the movie. There is a fair bit of blood being thrown around but this is mainly for atmospheric reasons and it does actually work well, in particular one scene in a hallway.

Moving on to the Boogeyman himself, he still likes to lurk under beds and hang around in closets making weird noises. He is also still a right old ugly bugger and likes to wear his CGI cloak when drifting around and hassling people. He also likes to be a bit inventive in his killing and uses a handy chest amongst other things this time around.

Overall, Boogeyman 3 isn’t a great movie, but dedicated fans should find it’s a fun 90 minute time waster and possibly the best one so far. It won’t set the world alight and the ending cries out for his return and why not?

Let’s put him in a different setting again for a possible part four. Where could the Boogeyman go next? Why not bring him to England and rope in some more ex-soap actors for the fun. Can you imagine him going up against Fred Elliott or some cockney villain from Eastenders or The Bill? Just a thought.


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2 stars


2 out of 5