Blockers Trailer: John Cena and Company Hijack a Prom

John Cena joins a group of parents who are looking to stop their teens’ sex pact in the trailer for comedy movie Blockers.

WWE wrestling franchise face John Cena is on a bit of an entertainment industry tear, with an array of major movie projects on queue. One of those is a co-starring role in the raucous comedy Blockers, which was previously titled The Pact.

Just to give you an idea of its themes, Blockers bears a fragmented title with an ommitted first word that’s synonymous with “rooster.” Now, the Blockers trailer is here, showing Cena seemingly holding his own amongst an experienced comedy ensemble.

Blockers Trailer

The Blockers trailer shows a film that’s not looking to be anything beyond the scope of what its lewd title suggests. It’s an outrageously crass comedy that, based on this restricted debut trailer, should easily earn itself an R-rating. The film centers on the trio of parents in Mitchell (John Cena), Lisa (Leslie Mann) and Hunter (Ike Barinholtz), who have formed a decade-plus-long connection, since their young daughters are all friends.

However, time passes quickly and, after puberty already redefined their respective parental dynamics, the daughters are now heading to their prom. This presents a problem for the parental trio, since an impromptu session of emoji-encoding in one of the daughters’ unsecured laptops reveals a collective prom night sex pact. Consequently, the parental trio collaborate on becoming the film’s titular c-Blockers. Of course, they will do so in the most loud and embarrassing manner possible. – Unless there’s another way to qualify a grown man getting a beer enema at a teenager’s party.

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Blockers also co-stars Kathryn Newton (co-star of the upcoming Supernatural spinoff attempt, Wayward Sisters), Geraldine Viswanathan (Janet King) and Gideon Adlon (American Crime) as the pact-making daughters.

Here’s the previous trailer, which hit back in October.

Blockers Crew

Kay Cannon makes her directorial debut with Blockers, working off a script that bears several names. Cannon, formerly a producer on television sitcoms 30 Rock and New Girl, was also involved – as a producer – with the 2008 comedy Baby Mama (which co-starred 30 Rock’s Tina Fey,) and the 2015 musical sequel Pitch Perfect 2. She was recently an executive producer on the 2017 Netflix comedy series Girlboss. Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and James Weaver are also attached to Blockers as producers under their Point Grey Pictures banner.

Blockers Release Date

Blockers has made its own pact with theaters, where it is set to arrive on April 6, 2018.